Pond Dipping in the Nature Garden

It was only just over a year ago when Mr Solley’s friend, Jeff, brought his digger in and dug our two ponds out. The transformation in such a short time is amazing with a shoal of roach, thousands of baby fish, newts, frogs, dragon flies, water fleas, pond snails as well as a wealth of pond plants, insects and algae which provide habitats for the abundance of life. We all know that if Mr Groves disappears he can be found in his wellies with his packed lunch, pond dipping with whoever will join him. Needless to say, he has made many little friends who are only too keen to join him and the fascination with the catch each day is plain to see. Of course, everything, especially the water fleas and leaches are returned to their natural habitat at the end of the lesson.

Did you know that one female roach can lay up to 150,000 eggs in one year and can live up to 15 years?