Creative Arts Day

The annual tradition of the Flower Festival at St Faith’s has been going strong for over 30 years and despite the challenges that we have faced this term we were not prepared to let it go unmarked this year.

And so, on Wednesday 24th June, Creative Arts Day was launched. The theme of ‘Carnival’ ensured that the day was packed full with all the excitement, colour and sounds of Brazil…we even had the amazing weather to go with it!

In the morning children had the opportunity to use their creative skills to produce either a carnival mask, miniature carnival float, face paint or flower display in line with the theme. We were all very grateful to have the chance to see a fantastic flower display video courtesy of Mrs Evans (Grandma to James and Gigi) whose garden is clearly blooming at this time of year with a huge array of beautiful flowers. Thanks goes to Mrs Evans for her time and effort to help inspire and teach the children the skills required to make a successful display.

During the afternoon, the children had the chance to find out some information about the amazing country of Brazil. Some learnt about the different instruments which make up a samba band (or bateria). These instruments look similar to the drums we use in the UK, but one, the Cuíca, makes an incredible ‘squeaky’ sound, despite looking like a ‘normal’ drum. It is played by putting your hand inside, holding a damp cloth and a stick!

There was also the opportunity to design and then make an instrument, decorated with pictures and colours of Brazil. The children also learnt some drumming rhythms and had a go at ‘call and response’ and some improvisation.

It was wonderful to hear the sound of drumming (or banging on desks / tables / whatever else was available) and the rhythms of carnival resounding around the school!