Outstanding STEAM Provision Award

It gives me great pleasure to announce that we have been chosen as the winners of the ISA 2020 Award for Outstanding STEAM Provision.

This category was awarded for implementing inspirational STEAM provision.  The judges cited our dedication to whole school STEAM days which encouraged critical thinking, creativity, problem solving and collaboration.

Well done to all our fantastic staff for being so willing to take part in our STEAM journey. The first days of a new term are always quite busy, but as always, our staff rise to any challenge.  What an understanding, motivated and accommodating bunch they all are.  We are very proud of them and this accomplishment. 

This means our dominance of ISA National Awards carries on for another year. Historically we have won awards for Essay Writing, Sports, Art and now STEAM!

We think our recent virtual whole school STEAM Lockdown day was absolutely brilliant. We have many more exciting ideas for the future, and feel confident STEAM days will be taken to new heights. 

Not wishing to brag (tempting that it is), we will not turn this into a long awards acceptance speech, full of Oscar style, crying and thanking you all.  We will end this here.

To view the award, click below