Goat Friday? – No kidding!

At St Faith’s we love a theme and, when we were offered the opportunity to have some live goats visit us in our lesson, this seemed like too good an opportunity to miss. Unfortunately, due to some technical issues which were to be investigated, it didn’t really goat- oo (go to) plan and only the lucky Year 1 children managed to see and chat to their goat today. It turns out that the goats are extremely good at typing answers to questions with their hooves and Year 1 were delighted to find out why goats shouldn’t be left outside at night, what they eat and how many kids Elizabeth, aka Mummy goat, has.  Elizabeth was charmingly asked if she slept with a teddy, she doesn’t…but thinks it would be a lovely idea!

We wouldn’t let technical hitches ruin a day of fun, though (no bleating about spilt milk here!) and children across the school have enjoyed an amazing range of goat-related activities. Year 3 and 4 enjoyed Goat Top Trumps while the Lower School solved some tricky maths problems based on Farmer Groves and his goaty herd. Further up the school, Mr Mackenzie set some very tricky goat Maths, even introducing areas of circles, which is normally not taught until secondary school.

Later in the morning, children in the Upper School did some research and found out some amazing facts about goats. Did you know that goats recognise their own names and will come when they are called? Year 6 finished the morning with a hotly-contested goat quiz which was finally won by Gideon who beat Miss Johnson into second place.

At lunchtime we were treated to the inaugural performance of the St Faith’s players in their production of ‘The Three (and a half) Billy Goats Gruff’.

The afternoon was spent by the children being creative on a goat theme. We can’t wait to see what they will come up with!