Pirates, treasure and song

From our very youngest children in Reception, we are seeking to create eager and pro-active learners.  From the first day we start children on solid groundwork in Maths and English, but life in Reception is far broader, with emphasis on a wide range of subjects helping children understand how we all fit into the wider world.

Using skills, dexterity and imagination Reception children recently pretended to jump aboard a pirate ship to sail the seven seas in search of treasure and undiscovered lands. Their first stop involved creating a treasure chest to hold all of their gold coins. It was a good job that they kept their coins safe as they used them to support pirate themed Maths activities of halving, doubling and sharing.

Their second stop involved lots of jolly pirates who heartily danced and sang along to the sea shanty, ‘Over the Deep Blue Sea!’ Great fun was had during their craft activity designing and making their own pirate hats.

That wasn’t all, when their voyage came to an end, they discovered lots of messages which had washed up on the shore in bottles…very strange!

‘Shiver me Timbers’…what a fun week they all had. learning from home and in school.