Musical Notes

Congratulations to the brave performers who took part in the Afternoon Concert last week. It was our final concert of the term and everyone acquitted themselves extremely well.  Such is the reputation of our budding musicians that we usually attract a sizeable audience.  On this occasion there was the added pressure of performing to an inspector! 

Performing with such confidence, poise and skill isn’t something that happens overnight. It certainly doesn’t happen without a huge amount of effort and dedication ‘behind the scenes’. All the soloists who took part have worked extremely hard to get ready, with regular lessons either inside or outside school, practice on pieces needing piano accompaniment and informal impromptu performances to younger children. Yet more evidence that a large amount of practice is needed in order to make progress. 

Children who are invited to play a solo in Afternoon Concerts will have passed at least Grade 1, and there are many other children who fall into this category who may be involved next time. Some of the performers will take their next exam later this week and I hope that performing in a near empty room, to someone sitting behind a desk, will seem easy compared to a concert in front of around 250 people!  

Music brings joy, boosts self-esteem, reinforces community and allows creativity. Embedded in every part of life here, music’s future at St Faith’s is assured.