Fun Phonics

A famous person once said ‘Reading is the foundation of all learning, and it’s fun!’

At St Faith’s we wholeheartedly agree with the above quote and throughout the Lower School we provide our children with the very best start to their lifelong adventure into reading. We all know as adults being able to read can take you on mysterious adventures to faraway places, teach you amazing new facts and even help you to find out what time your favourite television programme starts! But how does this reading journey begin? Can you remember how you learned to read? For many adults it is a vital skill which we just take for granted.

From Nursery the children take part in a range of fun phonic activities that are designed to encourage the children to think about the sounds they can hear in the world around them, and begin to link letters to the sounds they make. This is developed and expanded upon as they enter Reception and continues right through their learning experience in Key Stage 1.

At St Faith’s, we use a synthetic phonics scheme called Floppy’s Phonics featuring the well-known characters Biff, Chip and Kipper. We are sure you know them well! Phonics is a daily activity in all Lower School classrooms where the children expand their phonic knowledge but also enrich their vocabulary and language comprehension. All Floppy’s sessions begin with a fast-paced review section where the children are given the opportunity to revisit and practise previously studied sounds. This is then followed by the introduction of a new sound. During this part of the lesson the children can build upon many skills including: blending for reading and segmenting for spelling. The children particularly enjoy looking for the new words in a picture, sometimes this can prove to be quite a challenge! Floppy’s allows the children plenty of opportunities to use the interactive whiteboard, to practise their reading and spelling and to work with their friends.

We also believe as well as learning to read, it is extremely important to develop a love and enjoyment of reading. This is achieved through regular 1:1 reading with an adult where our children have the opportunity to read and discuss a book and alongside this we also have daily Reading Time sessions where classes share and enjoy whole texts. In 1P, the children have just finished The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl which left them wondering if they too had magical powers in their fingers and what they could do with these new-found powers! Watch out home!

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