It’s Electrifying

The story of Benjamin Franklin and his kite is well known, but have you heard the story of how Krishna discovered resistance in electrical flow? It is electrifying!

The story began at 12 o’clock. Having completed their Maths and English lessons for the day, Year 4 were set a big question by Mr Andrews: ‘What happens to the brightness of a light bulb if you add another light bulb to the circuit?’ (as you have guessed our current topic is Electricity). Nothing engages our young scientists more than a good investigation. Our Year 4s were required to record the method, fair test and predict what they thought was going to happen before experimenting and observing the results. This was done with great excitement and sparks were flying all over the room. “It’s getting dimmer the more bulbs we add” quipped Chloe. “All the light bulbs are same strength,” announced Caspian. Children were making links left, right and centre! Then came the tricky part. How to conclude our observations from the test and explain the Science behind the results. Cue Kic Theatre! The children love their yearly Kic Theatre session and today Ian was called into action. Ian allowed the children to explore electricity through their movements and taught them the science behind their observations. “Ahhh now I get it!” squealed Krishna. Drama and Science came together to further our children’s learning. The best part of it all… We all lived happily ever after – content after a super investigation and hands-on learning! Franklin himself would have been pleased with today’s learning!