Early Years in Sandcastles Nursery

Physical development is one of the prime areas of learning and here at Sandcastles we provide children with many opportunities to explore their surroundings and develop particular skills which help them to make connections with the world around them.  With our colourful new outside area pupils can develop both gross and fine motor skills either in the mud kitchen, building with wooden blocks or experimenting with water and sand play. Visits to our Nature Garden, sport and swimming sessions (with Mr Burrett our much loved Sport specialist) we create further opportunities for them to develop physically using their senses to exploring alternative environments including large climbing apparatus which help children work towards the various stages of development from the ages of 2-5 years.

In Reception we celebrate physical development through our Woodland Explorers programme. Sporty squirrel and Diving Duck demonstrate activities and skills we strive to mirror and achieve and children are rewarded with stickers and the chance to spend time with the woodland creatures.

Sporty Squirrel will tell you, being interactive, developing co-ordination control and movement, and making healthy choices help build wellbeing, opportunities and to enjoy and the capacity to be fit and ready to learn.