Ski Trip Serre Chevalier Day 5

Our little skiers have enviable energy.  We asked ourselves, how can they come off the mountain after 4 hours skiing, being pushed to improve, and still have the time to make a short film.  We have some really talented little film-makers here and I would love to post their short films but the children want to keep their creations for you when they get home.  As you may imagine there are some very creepy Zombie films and some excellent impersonations of Lara Croft, and of course, there is always a dastardly villain and a charming hero who, sometimes, saves the day.

Our newer skiers learnt a little history and geography of the resort today. When they dismounted the chairlift at the top of the mountain they were surprised to see how close they were to Italy when they saw an impressive view of the Dolomites. They were also shown the first gondola in Serre Chevalier which was installed in 1938,” haven’t things improved”, mused Freddie?

Mrs Coombs and I shared a chair lift with Thomas D who was beside himself with excitement.  This was the first time Thomas had been on a chairlift and he was captivated by the scenery, the dizzy height and views,” This is the best mode of transport… ever!” he said and sitting next to him, I could tell he meant it.

We all returned to the hotel for yet another delicious supper of Lasagne and salad, followed by chocolate brownie.  Then a quick shower for all before heading back down to the games room.  For tonight was special, because apart from another games evening we all celebrated Freddie M’s birthday.  More cake, drinks and merriment, and we asked ourselves, as he blew out the candles, how long will we have to read to them tonight before they go to sleep?

I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Bon Nuit