They’ve done it!

Look at how happy our Year 6 pupils are! They know they have all tried exceptionally hard over many weeks, months and years learning as much as they can. Today many of them sat the Kent Test papers in school and the staff are incredibly proud of how mature, focused and diligent the children have been, not that we expected any less of our brilliant St Faith’s pupils of course. Not all children choose to take the test and this year, Year 3 were thrilled with their temporary teaching assistant, who showed great maturity and empathy in helping and encouraging the children in their work while learning lots of leadership skills herself along the way.

Supporting our Year 6 pupils on this important day is a real team effort and we would like to thank chef Paul for the special breaktime cookies, Mrs Gibbs for coming in to help and all the staff and pupils who made sure there were no disturbances during the test. With prefect roles being announced in assembly on Friday, there is no rest for Year 6 and they are all more than ready for the busy, exciting final year at St Faith’s that lies ahead of them.