Hautbois Activity Centre

Tuesday am: Mr Groves’ Blog

I was woken early in the morning to the dawn chorus of singing birds and little feet pattering off for the early morning ablutions. After a late night of playing cricket rugby and running around in the maze everyone managed to get a decent night sleep. Children were again full of energy as they trotted off to breakfast in readiness for the activities ahead.

Later…Tuesday afternoon

Archery and the mini assault course followed a jolly good breakfast after a good night’s sleep.  Lunch was absolutely delicious and much needed in preparation for the onslaught of the water sports in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I was unable to find anything to help me build my courage up knowing that I was just about to face twenty-two determined Year 6s hell bent on pushing me into the river. With one group involved in raft building and the other kayaking, I decided that my best bet to stay dry was to go with the kayakers and for the most part my decision was well made. I managed to evade everyone for the whole of the kayaking trip but fell foul of the horde as I tried to disembark my kayak. Needless to say they were all waiting for me and I was well and truly, unceremoniously, dumped out of my kayak and ducked under several times much to the enjoyment of all, staff included.

Wednesday morning

There is nothing more or better to combat a cold drizzly start to the day than with a hearty breakfast and a good campfire. The children are in good spirits and enjoying all aspects of this wonderful place.

After a fun-packed day on the water yesterday and tri-lingual bingo in the evening, the children had an early night and arose well rested this morning. Mr Groves entertained the children with a competitive game of Uno before breakfast, where he became the self-declared Hautbois Uno champion. This morning the children have been learning bushcraft skills, including fire building and have completed the low ropes challenge. Team building, problem solving and resilience skills have been well utilised, all whilst having heaps of fun. This afternoon we are back on the river, bridge building and paddle boarding. Will the children build the perfect bridge and escape getting wet? Let’s hope Madame Steed is more capable of getting back on her paddle board than she was her kayak yesterday!