Handing over of the guard

Blog 4

Wednesday saw a handing over of the guard as our intrepid Headmaster made his way north for the annual ISA Heads’ Conference, Mr Andrews headed up to Hautbois to complete the dream team looking after the children. Before departing HQ he had announced, in Michael Fish fashion, that three days of sun lay ahead of him… Enter the wettest Wednesday we have seen in months. Despite the weather, moral in the camp remained high. Straight into the action on Wednesday afternoon and we had groups taking part in stand-up paddle boarding along the River Bure and low ropes trust exercises. The stand-up paddle boarding was the pick of the activities with much fun and laughter echoing along the river bank. With our trusty instructors Nadim and Pete the children (and staff) were in good hands. The vast majority of the children managed to stand up on the boards and delighted in playing a variety of games. Congratulations to Miss Johnson who won the award for most dips in the River Bure (six falls for those of you who are interested). The spirit of Mr Groves lived on as he left a parting gift… the Year 6s fulfilled their pledge storming my board and making me walk the plank, pirate style, into the depths of the Bure.  Damp, but still smiling, we retreated back for a hot shower, hot-chocolate and warm clothes.

The low ropes course was equally exciting and the children showed excellent teamwork skills to guide each other around the different obstacles. Dinner was a hearty meal of pulled pork and potato wedges, the perfect combination for exhausted explorers! The evening sun broke weakly through the clouds for the final hours of daylight and the children rejoiced in some free time and an excellent quiz hosted by Miss Johnson. Congratulations to Team Steed who topped the charts! 

Thursday has been a drier and sunnier affair so far. Our morning activities have been outstanding. crate stacking, which was a fantastic test of our St Faithian’s collaboration skills. Seeing them all working so hard and supporting each other is such a joy! The children have loved flying around doing their best superhero impressions whilst suspended in the air when their stacks fall down!

Rock climbing is the other activity on offer this morning and again the children are showing reliance to push themselves further and further up the tower! As for Mr Andrews he enjoyed a breakfast of 52 pieces of toast… he’s had a stack of carbs. The puns at crate stacking have just got better and better! Bridge building and abseiling this afternoon… Hautbois over and out!