A first class return to school with a STEAM Day

We can now officially say that the new term has started as we have had our first STEAM day of the year! After a quick Friday celebration assembly , the day started with an assembly looking at the global impact of water and the difficulties faced by millions of people around the world. This challenge was set under the title of ‘Does water flow uphill?’, with pupils from Years 1 to 6 being challenged to work collaboratively to design and build a form of water pump. The children have spent the day working through a series of challenges, culminating in the children out on the playground testing their incredible designs.

Although often disguised in slight chaos, the impact of our termly STEAM days is becoming evident. One group of children were overheard in a heated discussion as to whether the air pressure from one balloon would be sufficient to move the water if there were multiple outlets! The initiative, teamwork and problem solving that the children develop throughout these challenges are exceptional and provide the fundamental skills that help them thrive throughout the rest of the curriculum.