Carroty Wood – Day 4

“Was I really that high?”, “I cannot believe I have just learnt to ride a bike” and “I am so proud of myself for having another go and pushing myself,” are just a select few of the inspirational quotes heard from our amazing Year 5s this week. With the sun in the sky, not a drop of rain to be seen and surrounded by the gorgeous greenery (and mud) of the Kent countryside, our children have been kept busy and challenged by activities including: BMX Riding, High Ropes, Abseiling, Climbing, Pedal Karting, Archery, a daily swimming session and even the odd Pringle Challenge.

Each and every child should feel a true sense of pride in what they have achieved during this residential. For some, the sheer fact that they have survived a week away from home (and a week with Mr Mackenzie and Mr Andrews!) was a huge accomplishment and, for others, facing their fears head-on during the multitude of aerial activities allowed them to push themselves beyond what they believed possible. A true testament to our amazing children came from the instructors, who all commented on the camaraderie, encouragement and support our children give to each other as they tackle the challenges together.

On behalf of Mr “I took a leap of faith and missed” Andrews, Miss “I fell off the pedal cart because I went too fast” Arman, Mrs “soon to join the circus as a trapeze artist” Fidock and Mr “I lost my pudding to Genevieve Jeer” Mackenzie, we would just like to say thank you to this amazing group of young people, for making this such a fun-filled and enjoyable experience for everyone!