Wildlife Whispers

“Be kind to your garden and be gentle on your back.” I’m not sure how Alan Titchmarsh conjured this beauty up but one thing I have learnt about gardening is that being kind to said garden results in one grumbling back!

There was a buzz around the nature garden this afternoon as the children began harvesting the sweetcorn crop they planted back in June. There has been quite some cornpetition between year groups as to who could look after their corn strip best. It is extremely hard to corner which year group have come out on top. Whilst the pumpkins and ornamental gourds continue to grow well it was decided that our sweetcorn was ready for picking. First the Upper Nursery began gathering the crop they planted as seeds. It was a joy to see the younger children so cornpetitive over who could collect the most. Once the younger children had, had their fun it was the turn of the older children to cornplete the job. Head Chef Paul, The Kernel, has offered to cook the corn this week so that all children will be able to taste what they have grown. If nothing else, eating it will save us all from some corny jokes.