Wildlife Whispers update

On Saturday a large working party of children, staff, parents and even grandparents turned up to school to prepare our Nature Garden for the winter. Over thirty adults toiled away on a warm sunny morning cutting back brambles, ripping out nettles, digging up weeds and painting the shed, whilst the children planted wellie boots and pots with winter flowers and made a Nature Garden sign out of plastic bottle tops.

Paul, from the kitchen, had made soup from our vegetable garden produce and good old Mrs Crocker (not so old, I might add) slaved away over a hot kettle to provide us all with much needed coffee and teas. It was heart warning to join the rest of the country in the BIG SOUP SHARE experience encouraging as many people as possible to make soup from produce in their own gardens. We are all hugely indebted to the gargantuan multitude who turned up and worked so hard.  We achieved so much in the three hours given and I for one felt a huge amount of satisfaction at seeing what we all achieved.

Mr Groves