Wildlife Whispers

Where have all our Hedgehogs gone?

I read an article recently which said that by the year 2025 we could find that hedgehogs will become extinct. Stories of hedgehog decline have been around for years but now a statistically robust report has confirmed the rumours.  What can we do to stop this rapid decline?

Well, we are helping all the Mrs Tiggywinkles in our local environment by creating a home for them within our Nature Garden. The garden has undergone great transformation as Mrs Smith’s Outdoor Adventure Club has really exploded into life. Mrs Smith has helped to take the area to another level and the children are benefiting greatly from her efforts, we are all extremely appreciative of this.

We are not only helping the hedgehog population but a wide range of wildlife, as we continue to plant new flowers and bushes to encourage more flying, crawling and hobbling critters to the area. Planting of our vegetable patch is underway and thanks to Mr Groves’ Bear Grills inspired water gathering device, we are reusing rainwater to ensure the new produce gets the much needed drink they require.

The Friends have kindly donated picnic tables which were constructed expertly by Mr Crocker, thank you for your time, this will allow class teachers to really get the best use out of the area. Without turning this into an Oscars awards speech we are incredibly grateful to everyone who have given up their time to help improve the Nature Garden. Thank you for your continued support – it is really turning into an excellent environment for your children to explore, discover and learn.