Wildlife Whispers, update 8 May

Update on the Nature Garden  9 May 2018

Over the past weeks it has been excellent to see the Nature Garden being used by pupils from Nursery right the way through to Year 6. Whilst many have enjoyed exploring the nature garden we are keen to improve the area even further. Mr Dunn has taken up residency along with with volunteers from Years 5 and 6.

There first task was an unenviable one. The terrible weather at the start of last week saw a month’s worth of rain fall on one day. This did not sit well with our Nature Garden and due to its position at the lowest point of the school the walkway (Wind chime Walk) became flooded. Our solution was a simple one, to send in the big guns, AKA Year 5 down to work out how to solve this conundrum. Under the watchful eye of Mr Dunn the children began to trouble shoot the problem. How would they set the drainage up to ensure the area would not flood again? After several minutes of discussion, the decision was taken to create a French/Swiss drain, Mr Groves arrival to the party, although very useful, only muddled the origin of our drainage solution.

The seven volunteers split into two groups. Whilst one set dug the new run-away out, filling in the one nature created as they went along, the other group fetched stones from the Nature Garden to add structure to their design and to aid drainage.  The children smiled throughout and thoroughly enjoyed solving such a hands on problem. The Nature Garden continues to go from strength to strength and with the acquisition of some young strawberry plants the next update is not far away.