Wildlife Whispers Update

The past couple of weeks have seen many exciting developments down in our Nature Garden. During open morning we planted our first line of strawberries and were lucky enough to have the knowledgeable Gary from the Ash Horticultural Society who passed on a pearl of wisdom that you must pull off the strawberries flowers if you want the plant to survive and perform well in future years. We are forming a great friendship with members of the Ash Horticultural Society and they are helping us out with the planting of our vegetable patch.  In our latest collaboration a selection of their members have begun seeding in their greenhouses ahead of a date of Friday 15 June when two of their members will be coming to help the children plant them. These vegetable will be ready for harvesting in September and form part of our Science Spectacular event. In other news, Year 5s most recent DT project has centred around creating bird feeders for the area and they look splendid. Hopefully we will have plenty of visitors of the wing variety to our garden.