To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow!

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow!” Audrey Hepburn.

Welcome to our Nature Garden blog which will document the redevelopment process of the area fondly known as ‘The Paddock’. However, since the horses moved out with the last Headmaster, ‘The Paddock’ no longer serves its namesake. So we have decided to turn it into a Nature Garden in which curious young minds can explore nature’s bounty. We have some lofty goals and aim to get the children as involved in the redevelopment process as possible to ensure they gain ownership of the transformation. We have some exciting projects ahead and look forward to sharing these with you here.

So far we have added a Willow Igloo (which has already begun to sprout shoots) and last Saturday a fantastic turnout of over 40 parents, children and teachers descended upon it for 3 hours to dig, cut and paint in preparation for its new purpose.  Bacon sandwiches and refreshments were at the ready to keep our workers fuelled. A big THANK YOU for your help.

My Nan drilled into me from a young age that you must be prepared to do what you ask of others. So you can imagine my delight last Tuesday morning when I was informed that a Poplar Marilandica tree (measuring over 40 m) had been cut down in the Church yard and that the cut up tree was free to anyone, provided they collected it. Thus, I would like to formally apologize to anyone who was stuck behind four profusely sweating teachers pushing a trolley load of logs up The Street last week. The minimal disruption to local traffic was worth it as we have boosted our resources. It just goes to show that in a world so connected through electronic devices and social media it is still good old-fashioned word of mouth that can open up opportunities.

Mr Andrews.