Wildlife Whispers – A new lunchtime club begins!

“Willow weaving, on a Wednesday?” Maddie Yr 4.

 The Nature Garden is slowly showing signs of the changing season. Autumn is most definitely upon us and boy does it suit our extended classroom! The leaves are falling, the hedge is thinning and the whole area is bursting with brown, green and tinges of red.  It is the perfect time to launch our new lunch time club based in our old paddock. Children from all years are invited to come and join Mr Groves and his merry band of teachers on Wednesday and Fridays as we work collaboratively on nature projects. 

 Our first session was very well attended and the children worked tirelessly; first moving wood and then piling it up for a future bonfire. Once this job was completed we began tackling our Willow Igloo, which has grown impressively. Our volunteers weaved the new shoots around the structure to begin enclosing the den. We completely lost all sense of time in the garden and just made it back in time for afternoon registration. It was rewarding to see the children so refreshed, energized and ready to go for the afternoons lessons! We are extremely lucky to have such an amazing natural resource in our ‘back yard’ and look forward to many more adventures this autumn.

 As the weather begins to change children will require Wellington boots if they want to join us.