Nature Garden is simply Gourd fun!

“This is gourd fun!” Harleena.

After months of growing it was finally time to harvest our ornamental gourds from our vegetable patch. The children couldn’t believe how much they had grown and all the strange shapes and sizes that the gourds have grown in. At first I commended myself on getting the children to harvest the crop by shouting when they had found a gourd that was ready to harvest (the stalk is key here – a brown stalked gourd is ready for picking). Unfortunately, I soon became overwhelmed with excited shouts of ‘Mr Andrews pick this one, pick this one!’ Our load was an impressive one and it was lucky that so many children came to help otherwise I’m sure we would have had to enlist Mr Clark’s help to get our crop up to the playground. The children were in awe of what they had grown and it was rewarding to see them showing off the goods to their parents at the end of the day. The gourds were arranged Mrs Rosenz and her team of helpers ahead of our first open morning of the year! Our Nature Garden really is the gift that keeps on giving and one and all are enjoying celebrating the awe and wonder of growing our own crops!