Outstanding Grammar School Results

Yet another brilliant set of exam results for Year 6!

We are delighted to announce the amazing successes of our Year 6 children in the 11+ and scholarship assessments. Over 90% of this year group have been offered a grammar school place and 100% of scholarships applied for have been awarded. Which leaves our children, and their parents, spoilt for choice. Instead of the daunting task of trying to find a school, they are faced with the dilemma of what to choose… a scholarship place to one of the local independent schools or a Kent grammar school place?

What is the St Faith’s difference?

This year’s great results, as those of previous years, have not happened by chance. A huge amount of hard work goes into ensuring that every child leaves St Faith’s a confident young learner, head held high, wherever their destination.

Getting the basics right

Every child in the school knows that reading is the foundation of all learning, and that it’s fun too. We achieve great things in the classroom by building a strong foundation of phonics in Early Years, and by continuing to encourage and support reading throughout the school. Confident, easy reading skills are key comprehension and give children ownership of this very important element of their learning.

Tailoring the education to the individual

Next is our determination to provide a bespoke education for every child at St Faiths, with an emphasis on improving areas of weakness and developing strengths in Focus Groups, and nurturing academic successes. With maximum class sizes of 18, teachers are able to hone the individual skills of the children and ensure that no one escapes attention. Our unique Digital Strategy from Year 4 to Year 6 helps to speed up the learning process and enhances knowledge and study skills.

Support and encouragement from the best teachers

Our greatest school resource is our extremely loyal and experienced team of teachers, who care for the children, and know how to prepare them for the academic challenges ahead. Knowing their pupils individually means that staff are able to ensure that the full potential of every child is realised. Subject experts inject enthusiasm into their lessons, passing on a love of learning.

Making it fun!

Children respond well to encouragement and stimulation, but not to pressure. Keeping a broad and healthy approach, and balancing out the core curriculum with lots of fun and exciting opportunities, is critical to the positive outlook of our pupils. A good balance of music and sport helps the children grow in confidence, our beautiful wildlife garden is a source of curiosity and connection with the wider world, while the hotly contested games of table tennis and numerous ways our children are supported to make friends, value kindness and support each other, combine to create an environment where children are happy.

See the St Faith’s difference for yourself!

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