Meet our Headteacher

Helen Coombs

Helen Coombs has been at the heart of St Faith’s Prep for over 20 years, actively championing and delivering many of the elements which make the school such an amazing place for children to learn and grow.

Helen stepped into the role of Head in 2023, after ten years as Deputy Head prior to Lawrence Groves’ retirement. She is an advocate for St Faith’s family atmosphere and village school ethos, and is described by the children quite simply as ‘fabulous’!

Passionate about encouraging and supporting children to discover their own unique strengths and abilities, Helen believes in providing opportunities for them to step beyond the ordinary and embrace new adventures. Her overriding ethos is that children will thrive in a culture of reward and praise and have a good work ethic if they are happy and safe.

Helen is local to Ash, and can often be found out in the fresh air, either on a run, out for a bike ride, or exploring with her children and grandchildren (her children are ex-pupils of the school and her two grandsons are current St Faithians). In addition to this, she is also busily training her new puppy with the hopes of introducing a School Dog!

"Whether it’s sports day, summer fair, the ethos here is truly inspirational. Not only seeing how my daughter is thriving in such a dedicated, caring environment, but at how all the staff at St Faith’s really do such an exceptional job all year through." Current parent