St Faith's Prep, Ash near Canterbury, Kent
St Faith's Prep, Ash near Canterbury, Kent

Learning in Nursery

Learning in Nursery is fun! Sandcastles Nursery, rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted is a busy and happy place, buzzing with chatter and laughter, and full of interest.

Our first job is to make the children feel happy and secure, ensuring they are emotionally supported with outstanding pastoral care in a warm, nurturing environment. Children play and explore, make friends and learn how to get along in a group.

Next, we want to encourage every child’s natural curiosity and develop a real interest in learning more. There are new skills to try, new ideas to think about and a wide world to explore. Story time is a trip into the imagination, while art and music give children the opportunity to express ideas creatively. Early steps in phonics build towards reading, opening up the wonderful world of books, and there are endless ways to introduce playing with numbers. Plenty of time outdoors, in both structured games lessons and free play, allows children to let of steam, as well as build confidence, coordination and agility.

And while your child is having fun, we are laying the groundwork for all the learning that is to come. Specialist teachers ensure that our very youngest children have access to high-quality, expert learning. The benefits of this sound beginning become apparent when our boys and girls move up to Reception, and their readiness and enthusiasm to take on new challenges puts them ahead of their peers, giving them a real leg up as they begin their formal education in earnest.