Using Teams

This page is here to support parents in using Teams with the children.

In the brief time available in the week before the closure, all children had an introduction to Teams through the use in assemblies and time in Computing lessons. We were clear with the children that we were trying to build up familiarity, not teach them how to use teams (impossible in the time available). Hopefully, they will not be totally surprised to see it!

Supporting parents with the use of Teams.

PLEASE NOTE – Teams is not a social networking site, please ask your children not to use it as such and also will you please check their chats section daily- there should not be any. If you see something inappropriate, please email your child’s class teacher.

We appreciate that for many of you, using Teams will be the last thing on your mind if you are trying to work from home, so we have created the following:

User accounts/Microsoft Accounts

St Faith’s has made individual user accounts for all of the children in Years R to 6. Initially, we said that we would not, but in doing this we have given them full access to Microsoft Office 365 which will work online regardless of your operating system (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android), so all children will be able to participate if they can have access to a device. Parents will be given the username and password for the account and will still retain full control, including checking their child’s online interactions.

By now, you will have all received a username and password in your child’s name, if you have not please let us know. Year 6 children know their usernames and passwords as they are the same as the ones that they use in school to log in to the computers.

What shall I do first?

All parents who have given consent will receive a username and password.

  1. Log in to the Microsoft account by following this link (click here) using the username and password provided by school.
  2.  Open Teams (see How To guide below)

How do I get help?

To make it easier for you to report issues, we have now established a dedicated email address Please use it if you need any Teams support. I will be providing support for the first week of what was planned to be the Easter holiday and throughout next term.

‘How to’ guides – each of these are written for parents to work through with their children.

Teams and Parents Evening

Opening Teams (aka How do you get into Teams in the first place?)

Teams – Help with my work

How to use Assignments to get work, add a photo and hand in


An introduction to Class Notebook

Inserting an Image (Photograph)

Using the content library

Using Immersive Reader

Joining a workshop