Ski Trip 2024

Tuesday 19th March: Day 4

Mrs Woodhead’s Blog

It’s been another busy day of skiing here and our fabulous children are getting braver, more skilful and even more resilient as they tackle new challenges each day. It is wonderful to see their pride as they tell us all about their latest achievements and the joy with which they recount the times when things didn’t quite go to plan.

Before supper yesterday we had an outing to the field opposite where the children found lots of ways to enjoy themselves: Roy and Flora had thoughtfully brought small balls so some long-range games of catch were popular, though it was more like ‘fetch’ when Mr Burrett got hold of the ball. Meanwhile, James and Remi went all ‘ Time Team’ and discovered left over bits of animal (including snail shells and spider eggs) and Molly, Immy and Evie opened an ice shop, while Emily and Ashmie created various snowy incarnations of Jeffrey Bob Junior, all of whom met rather unpleasant ends.

Last night’s ‘Big Games’ night in the bar was a big hit. Mr Burrett demonstrated his hitherto hidden talent for Uno and gathered a large group of children trying to beat him. Eventually, Molly and Roxi were successful, making April pick up 10! Meanwhile, there was a tense table football match between Liverpool and Chelsea. As the tables were ‘unlocked’ so they were free (In reality this involved stuffing tissues into the goal mouths), the game lasted for some time and attracted a crowd of fans on both sides.  There were also some very serious pool competitions. The most experienced players gave some helpful advice to the novices (mainly to speed up their games, I think) and John, in his first time ever at the table, proved incredibly lucky and potted lots of balls, some of them his own colour. The bar was popular and the children enjoyed spending their money on fizzy drinks and milkshakes. The quiz results were finally announced and the results are below. Please note that the staff take no responsibility for the children’s choice of team names:

5th – The Sky Skiers

4th – Spurs are the Best

3rd – 2024 John has Detention

2nd – The Capybara Milkshakes

1st – Jeffrey Bob Junior Junior Junior…

The winning teams were given vouchers for free milkshakes to be redeemed later in the week. 

After another good sleep and a hearty breakfast, everyone plastered themselves with suncream and headed out for this morning’s session in bright sunshine. Groups 1 and 2 caught the bus (just!) and sailed up in the gondolas to their usual spot where they continued to practise parallel skiing. Group 2 enjoyed working on jumps today and Flora is very proud of her (accidental) 360.  Group 3 headed higher up the mountain and tackled their first black run this afternoon. Harry reports ‘almost’ falling over but staging a miraculous recovery. Mr Burrett wins the prize for most improved skier, or so he says. He says he’s been practising all day. We will be needing evidence tomorrow to prove you haven’t been sitting in a cafe all day, Mr B!

As the middle of the trip approaches, I’m afraid we have to report some bad behaviour. Here is a list of crimes, or at least those that have come to light so far:

James Q – Excess energy before 6.30am

Roxi – Dangerously over-enthusiastic laughing, causing Evie to bump her head on the bed.

Flora – Dropping her phone down the loo. (Don’t worry it still works)

Henry – Flooding the bathroom floor

Flynn – Reluctance to wear clothes.

James Q – Throwing snowballs at Imogen

Harry – Bedroom parkour

Imogen – Crashing into April

April – Crashing into Imogen

Random snowboarder – Crashing into April and Imogen

James Q – Illegal overtaking

Mrs Coombs – Inadequate amount of sun cream

Remi – Trying to sit on Harry’s lap on the chair lift

The door – Banging Francesca’s toe

Kishore – Bowling snowballs at Alice

John – Cutting everybody up

Mystery criminal – filling Saffy’s goggles with snow

Kishore – failing to watch during catching practice with Roy, Leo and Mr B.

Emily – Attacking Flynn with a bobble hat

These ne’er-do-wells have managed to escape justice and have headed back to the field for tonight’s dose of fresh air before supper so it is time for me to close and go and join them all to make crepes for dinner.