Serre Chevalier Day 4: Tuesday 26 March

Day 4: Tuesday 26 March

The sun still shone and it was a bit colder, which was perfect and the children are very much improving.  They are showing no signs of tiredness, which is surprising as their day is jam packed with skiing, activities and fabulous lunch breaks.

As said, they are divided into 3 groups, Learners, Intermediate and Advance skiers.  The learners are the smallest group, which is perfect for advancement.  Today, they went to the top of the mountain which is approximately 2,400m, taking the chair lift and gondola in their stride.  It’s wonderful to see their confidence grow daily.

The intermediate group, like the advanced skiers, have also scaled the top of the mountain.  We followed them to the snow park this afternoon and witnessed them tackling their first jumps.  Whoops of delight could be heard from both children and teachers.

The advances skiers are really just so impressive and tricky to keep up with, even for Mr Dunn.  They have skied all over the mountain fully in control of all terrain and runs.  This afternoon the game challenge for them was the human slalom.  Mentioning no names, two of our beginners last year have advanced up to this group.  We’ll let them tell you all about their success when they get home.

Tonight is another games night and they can, if they so choose, purchase a milkshake or a hot chocolate.  Of course they are all looking forward to this even though they must feel quite full after a dinner of bangers and mash, followed by fruit crumble.

Finally, it will be back to their rooms for a bedtime story and a good night’s sleep, ready to wake refreshed ready to face another day of fun, sun and skiing.