Serre Chevalier: 2019

On this fourth day of skiing, I’m happy to report that the children are quite clearly growing in confidence and ability. We are lucky to be in a lovely ski resort and as one child said, “This is the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in”. Although this trip is mainly about skiing it is so much more, it’s about friendship, fun, determination and resilience. It’s also about games nights, movie making on their iPads and bedtime stories.

Tonight’s late supper (after a healthy dinner of course) were waffles and crepes. But before this treat our children were tasked with ‘Code Cleanup’. Whoever would have thought a room tidy (trust me they needed it) could be done with such military precision and pride. This was of course a competition (the word ‘bribe’, was not mentioned) and there could only be one winner. I had the unenviable task of judging and it was a close call between the two boys’ rooms. Boy! did they do a good job, even to lining up their drinks bottles in size order, perfectly made beds, and dirty washing separated from the clean. Sorry, Mums and Dads, I can’t guarantee that will be the case when their suitcases arrive home.

You may ask how could we decide which of the two rooms would win! It was flick a coin time which proved a little controversial. However, it was delightful to see the winning nominated dorm leader hug his rival. They can tell you when they get home, what the prize was, If you look carefully amongst tonight’s photos there is a photography of the winning room team members.

Before I sign off, I will tell you a couple of amusing stories about lost property today, and these events inspired us to have Code Cleanup.

Firstly, as we were assembling at the top of the stairs to get ready for our first ski of the morning, one nameless child, panicked because he couldn’t find his ski socks, only later to discover he was in fact wearing them. Later, on our return back to the hotel for lunch; panic number 2…a lost helmet and goggles! However, our Head Girl came to the rescue and found them on her friend’s head!