Serre Chevalier 2019

Serre Chevalier, situated in the Southern French Alps, host our small family-friendly hotel Clubhotel Fréjus. This trip is glorious and apart from skiing is jam packed full of activities.

It’s always a very early start for our very excitable young skiers. A luxurious coach departs from school at 3.30am and surprisingly there are no sleepy children as they are all wired with anticipation for a week of good skiing and the flight ahead to Turin. The excitement, for some have never set foot on a mountain or skied before, is palpable.

Day 7: Friday 29 March

The last ski lesson of this fantastic trip is done. We are delighted to report that all the children are off the mountain safely. There is not an injury amongst them. When the boots, poles, skis and helmets are returned and we are left with happy, smiling, healthy children, we feel a huge sense of accomplishment and relief.

Before dinner their instructors came to the hotel to hand out their cards and badges and to say Au revoir, happily both instructor and pupil bonded well. Some said they felt sad to be leaving this lovely resort, but I’m sure they are very excited about seeing their families tomorrow. All of us feel lucky the snow held out for the entire week and every day was a good ski day. Tonight, after our last dinner at the hotel, it’s movie night, complete with popcorn…it wouldn’t be the same without it, would it? Then, we hope, early to bed.

Tomorrow we have an early start, leaving the hotel at 6.45am. Mrs Haywood will keep you informed, and updated by email, of our journey and our estimated arrival back at school.

See you tomorrow.

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