Serre Chevalier 2019

This afternoon, we have a couple of very tired little ones, therefore, I have put them to bed to catch up on their sleep. It’s only for a couple of hours, before we will join their friends for a hot chocolate on the piste to coincide with the end of the afternoon ski lessons.

After dinner tonight, we will take them into the village for a look around and a bit of shop. One of my favourite pastimes. The children always look forward to this, so do be prepared for a few sweet treats and souvenirs such as fluffy key rings amongst their luggage. Later and before bedtime, it is off to the games room for their final night of, table football, giant Jenga and other fun games.

We are so impressed with the children, they are all skiing well, learning a respect for the mountain and each other. It is a pleasure to see them encourage their friends when they show a little tiredness and jolly them along. It’s hilarious watching them gravitate towards Mrs Coombs when she arrives with the tuck bag after a tough morning on the slopes. Actually, most of the time she is there waiting for them as they come down from various parts of the mountain with their ski instructors. A wonderful rapport has developed between the children and their ski instructors. It is both heartwarming and comforting to watch them hurry off to the meeting point in the morning.

You can see, a lot of fun is had and fears are conquered.