St Faith's Prep, Ash near Canterbury, Kent
St Faith's Prep, Ash near Canterbury, Kent

Reward and praise

A culture of reward and praise is central to everything we do at St Faith’s Prep, and pervades every part of school life.

From regular day-to-day positive feedback, to stars awarded for good work and house points for good behaviour, to pupil-led celebration assemblies, in which accomplishments from within and beyond school life are recognised, ours is a culture that focuses on positives. Finding things to celebrate in each child has enormous benefit, and we place a strong emphasis on our I Can & I Will motto, which empowers children to achieve anything they set their minds to.

Find out more about our ethos on the Our Aims page

"We have three children who are all very happy, confident, polite, caring and grounded - and all in a grammar secondary education - without St Faiths and the wonderful staff our children would not be who and where they are today...

Thank you from the bottom our our hearts for giving them such an amazing start in life." Ex-parent