St Faith's Prep, Ash near Canterbury, Kent


The dynamic and vibrant teaching of English permeates all areas of the curriculum and the school day. Pupils greet and converse with adults respectfully and with confidence, encouraged from their earliest years to communicate with clarity and to know that their voice is valued.

In class the children benefit from the enthusiastic and energetic approach of teachers who guide them as they develop their spelling, grammar, punctuation, reading, comprehension, drama, listening skills, speaking skills and their ability to think deeply, and always question and wonder. Factual, fiction and poetic texts are explored, investigated and enjoyed as the children continue on their journey through their school years.

A variety of story-writing and poetry competitions, public speaking competitions and reading competitions punctuate the school year as children are nurtured and encouraged, from Early Years to upper KS2, to develop their confidence. During class assemblies, Harvest Festivals, Remembrance Day Ceremonies and Religious Festivals children re-tell familiar stories and explore and share both traditional and modern poetry, as well as creating literature of their own. They are supported and applauded at every stage as they broaden their speaking and listening skills, and their eyes light up with pride and self-belief. The maturity of the senior prefects, who deliver weekly speeches during Celebration Assembly, as well as a range of children choosing to perform a selection of role-plays on stage to highlight the core values of the school speaks volumes for the confidence of our children and the quality of the English teaching they have received.