St Faith's Prep, Ash near Canterbury, Kent

Future leaders

Talking about future leaders within the context of a prep school may seem a little far fetched. However, we know that the experiences we give the boys and girls in our care sets them off on the right foot, confident to put their hands up, to volunteer and to feel happy about taking part. Starting their senior school life with this positivity ensures that they will take and be rewarded for all the chances that come their way, reinforcing their self-belief.

Opportunities for taking on positions of responsibility begin at an early age at St Faith’s Prep. School assemblies and productions build confidence to stand up in front of their peers and parents. There are positions to be held on the School Council, which sits to discuss a wide range of school matters, and the Friendship Council, which focuses on the happiness and wellbeing of all children in the school. Our Eco Warriors explore how we can minimise the school’s ecological footprint, while our oldest children take on formal prefect roles.

The Wishford Enterprise Award brings a whole raft of opportunities for personal development. In a competition for Year 6 children across the group of schools, children take a business idea through from concept to development, design, marketing and finally sales. See what this year’s entrepreneurs are up to.