Ski Trip

  • Serre Chevalier 2023
    Mr Andrews’ Blog Day 7 Last night’s trip into town proved very successful – for the French souvenir shopkeepers at least! They were practically rubbing their hands together with glee as our horde of children descended upon them. With my words from last night’s blog ringing in their ears, the children set about selecting some […]
  • Serre Chevalier 2023
    Mr Andrews’ Blog Day 6 Residentials are always special, not least because you get the privilege of seeing a group of children grow closer over a period of time. With mixed-age groups in particular, it is extremely rewarding to see the bonds the children are making, and this trip has been no exception. The closeness […]
  • Serre Chevalier 2023
    Mr Andrews’ Blog Day 5 It has been a less dramatic day than yesterday (to everyone’s relief), with no new injuries, no trips to l’hôpital, and no headfirst mountain descents. Instead, it has been the most glorious day weather-wise. The sun has shone and at times it has felt more like St Tropez than Serre Chevalier! […]
  • Serre Chevalier 2023
    Mr Andrews’ Blog Day 4 Brace yourself reader, for this is quite an update…. When I left you yesterday afternoon, the sun was shining and the runs were quiet. I enjoyed this blissful peace and quiet whilst spending a full thirty minutes poised piste-side to capture the perfect action shot of Benjamin’s group, only to […]
  • Serre Chevalier 2023
    Mr Andrews’ Blog Day 3 Welcome back dear readers! When you left us last night we were headed off to take part in a Winter Olympic activity. Led by our host Quinn (yes another improbably cool guy, and this one even manages to make a mullet look good – several of the children have designs […]
  • Serre Chevalier 2023
    Mr Andrew’s Blog Day 2 “Skiing is a battle against yourself, always to the frontiers of the impossible. But most of all, it must give you pleasure.” – Jean-Claude Killy (triple Olympic Gold medallist). The first night of a residential can be filled with nerves and the odd homesick child, but I think we have […]
  • Serre Chevalier 2023
    The return of the St Faith’s Ski Trip! Welcome readers to Mr Andrews’ official Ski Trip 2023 blog; your go-to place for updates on all things Serre Chevalier! It was with great fun and oodles of laughter that the coach pulled out of ‘The Street’ early yesterday morning and headed for Gatwick. I hope that […]
  • Serre Chevalier 2019
    Serre Chevalier, situated in the Southern French Alps, host our small family-friendly hotel Clubhotel Fréjus. This trip is glorious and apart from skiing is jam packed full of activities. It’s always a very early start for our very excitable young skiers. A luxurious coach departs from school at 3.30am and surprisingly there are no sleepy children […]
  • Serre Chevalier 2019
    This afternoon, we have a couple of very tired little ones, therefore, I have put them to bed to catch up on their sleep. It’s only for a couple of hours, before we will join their friends for a hot chocolate on the piste to coincide with the end of the afternoon ski lessons. After […]
  • Serre Chevalier: 2019
    On this fourth day of skiing, I’m happy to report that the children are quite clearly growing in confidence and ability. We are lucky to be in a lovely ski resort and as one child said, “This is the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in”. Although this trip is mainly about skiing it is so […]
  • Serre Chevalier Day 4: Tuesday 26 March
    Day 4: Tuesday 26 March The sun still shone and it was a bit colder, which was perfect and the children are very much improving. They are showing no signs of tiredness, which is surprising as their day is jam packed with skiing, activities and fabulous lunch breaks. As said, they are divided into 3 […]
  • Serre Chevalier: Day 3 Monday 25
    All were wide awake bright and early this morning and keen to go. But firstly, a delicious continental breakfast of croissants, Pain au chocolat, (always firm favourites), fresh fruit, ham, cheese and eggs. Fuelled up we were ready for a good day of skiing in bright sunshine and their first ski lesson of the day. […]
  • Serre Chevalier
    Serre Chevalier – Day 2 Sunday 24 March Our first day of skiing today was a corker, the sun was out and conditions were good. Even though it was a little warmer than expected, there is still plenty of snow. Almost all the runs are open and well groomed. The children met their new ski […]
  • Serre Chevalier France
    Saturday 23 March It was a very early start for our very excitable little skiers. Our luxurious coach departed promptly at 3.30am and surprisingly not a sleepy child was in sight…it was all too exciting. At that time of the morning, one could only hope for an easy, uneventful and quick trip up to Gatwick […]
  • Ski Trip Serre Chevalier Day 7
    Well, we made it and what a fantastic trip it has been. Six days of non-stop skiing, with perfect snow conditions. All the children have skied all over the mountain and experienced a variety of runs, from green to black and off-piste. All have improved and are looking good on their skis, the experienced skiers […]
  • Ski Serre Chevalier Day 6
    We really have been very lucky. The weather remains sunny, snow conditions are spectacular and the instructors have been popular with the children. The beginner group took poles with them today for the first time, they also enjoyed the jumps at the snow park. The intermediate skiers, skied the reds and a black run, and […]
  • Ski Trip Serre Chevalier Day 5
    Our little skiers have enviable energy. We asked ourselves, how can they come off the mountain after 4 hours skiing, being pushed to improve, and still have the time to make a short film. We have some really talented little film-makers here and I would love to post their short films but the children want […]
  • Ski Trip Serre Chevalier Day 4
    What an amazing day! The weather has been stunning again and the snow is just amazing! All of the groups went up the mountain today and whilst one practised their snowplough turns at 2300m and another improved parallel turns, the final group took on a moguly black to get them really focused on their movement. […]
  • Ski Trip Serre Chevalier Day 3
    We could not have asked for a better day, the snow was perfect, and the sun was out. Suitably dressed and sunblock applied it was a race to the lifts. After some minor changes to the groupings, the children were separated into three different ability groups then off they went, following their instructors to different […]
  • Ski Trip Serre Chevalier Day 2
    As you can imagine all the children woke early this morning, eager to meet their ski instructors and get going…well, that is what we are here for. Breakfast was healthy and heartily eaten, fresh fruit, cereal, yogurt, toast, ham, egg and cheese, the whole continental! Enough of food, it was all about the skiing today. […]
  • Ski Trip Serre Chevalier Day 1
    Before dawn broke, and despite a 3.00am start, we were on the bus and wide awake with excitement and anticipation. The mood was set, and remained positive throughout the whole journey. Snacks and breakfast on the plane kept everyone going until we arrived at our ski resort, where hot soup and delicious bread rolls were […]
  • Ski Trip Serre Chavalier France