Carroty Wood Trip

Here you will find regular updates on our annual trip to Carroty Wood:

  • Nature, Ping-pong, Mud and Laughter
    Year 4 Residential: Mr Andrews’ Blog All good things must come to an end… After a fantastic final swimming session with our favourite instructor we returned to the warmth of […]
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
    Year 4 Residential: Mr Andrews’ Blog The day has whizzed past and we have now finished our final activity led by the team here at Carroty Wood. ‘Woody’, our team […]
  • Frosties & Table Tennis
    Year 4 Residential: Mr Andrews’ Blog The news you have all been waiting for is in….Room 2 located their scrunchies! The first night of a residential is always the most […]
  • Tyre Swings & Bin Bags
    Year 4 Residential: Mr Andrews’ Blog “I didn’t realise Carroty Wood was going to be this much fun!” There is nothing better than hearing the children talk amongst themselves as […]
  • Headed For Home
    Mr Mackenzie’s Blog: And that’s it – the activities are all done! Over the course of the week, the children have been challenged in so many ways. From pushing themselves […]
  • A Record-Breaking Breakfast
    Mr Mackenzie’s Blog: Good morning from a slightly drizzly Carroty Wood. There were some very bleary eyes this morning (mostly from the staff!) but everyone was in high spirits and […]
  • Pedal Carting & Ping Pong
    Mr Mackenzie’s Blog: I know you will all be on the edge of your seats for an update on the highly-prized Carroty Wood Golden Balls. I am very pleased to […]
  • More Activities…And A Lot Of Toast!
    Mr Mackenzie’s Blog: Good morning from a frosty but sunny Carroty wood! I am pleased to announce that Mr Burrett and I have survived our evening swim (albeit by hiding […]
  • Year 5 Throw Themselves Into Activities (And A Swamp)
    Mr Mackenzie’s Blog: Today has truly been a day of two halves. The first was a scene of pure tranquillity as the children scuttled about building their dens, laughing and […]
  • Good Morning from Carroty Wood!
    Mr Mackenzie’s Blog: Good morning parents! I can report that two miracles have occurred… Firstly, the children have all slept peacefully and were in high spirits when they were awoken […]
  • Archery & Abseiling: Day 1 at Carroty Wood
    What an incredible first day! With the sun shining, the children have had an amazing afternoon enjoying their first activities at Carroty Wood. Limits have been pushed, harnesses have been […]
  • Year 5 Residential to Carroty Wood
    Year 5 have arrived! After a smooth (if somewhat loud) journey filled with lots of songs and laughter, our Year 5 children have arrived at a beautifully sunny Carroty Wood. […]
    Blog 7 The children delighted in pelting balls at me during their swimming session. I’ve counted 42 bruises so far – they had a great time splashing, jumping in, swimming […]
  • Blog 6
    What an afternoon! It was another round of Team Development and Geo Caching for our happy campers. The Team Development tasks aim to build collaboration and develop the children’s leadership […]
  • Carroty Wood: Tuesday 22 March
    Blog 5 Lunch time! A new one for me as one child asked for a ham and tuna sandwich. Not one I’ve heard of before so we settled on one […]
  • Year 4 Carroty Wood: Blog 4
    Good morning campers! Last night you left us as bed time approached. It is with great delight that I can report that all children were tucked up in bed and […]
  • Year 4: Blog 2 & 3
    Blog 2 Welcome back readers. We are now settling in ready for dinner. It has been a fast-paced afternoon already! All the children are delighted with their room allocations, a […]
  • Year 4 Carroty Wood
    Blog 1: Monday 21 March 2022 “It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, […]
  • We’re coming home
    The perfect residential week at Carroty Wood came to the most fitting end as all the children were given the opportunity to enter the high ropes course. With five different […]
  • More from Carroty Wood
    Day 4: Welcome back for more from the Carroty Chronicle I am currently sat in the beautiful Kent countryside watching our incredible adventurers enjoy a bit of free time. We’ve […]
  • Welcome back to the Carroty Chronicle!
    Day 3: 2 February Welcome back to the Carroty Chronicle! Yesterday was brilliant! A day full of children challenging themselves, conquering their fears and working as a team. It is […]
  • Carroty Wood Day 2
    1 February 2021 Good morning from Carroty Wood! When you left us we were heading off for our first activities. The children were incredible as they faced their fears climbing […]
  • Adventures of childhood – Carroty Wood
    31 January 2022 A visit to Carroty Wood is a true adventure for our children.  Friendships that have already been made become stronger as they learn to live together and […]