Reading Competition

School Reading Competition

In the Upper School reading competition we witnessed powerful readings with strong emotive material. For nearly two hours an audience of over a hundred were captivated by inspirational individuals that read with passion, energy and enthusiasm. Change of pace, intonation and tone were all prerequisites for a successful reading and everyone managed to tick the boxes to the judges’ satisfaction. In Year 6 Faustino and Florence battled it out for the honours with Faustino winning the unsighted reading and Florence winning the prepared reading, resulting in a draw. Krish and Ayshia then had a nail biting draw after an engaging contest with the same scenario as the previous Year 6 competition. In Year 4 the standard was as high as I’ve ever witnessed with Genevieve Jeer just pipping Jack Manser to the post. As Headmaster I was so proud to see such young children preforming in front of so many with such courage and resilience.

Year 6 winners Faustino/Florence

Year 5 winners Krish/ Ayshia

Year 4 winner Genevieve

Earlier in the afternoon, Years 1, 2 and 3 reading competition finalists overcame their nerves and delivered their readings in front of family, friends and the two judges Mrs Stone and Mrs Coombs.  The children read a variety of text from Nursery Rhymes to Lord of the Rings! Finalists were marked on their clarity, volume, choice of reading to name but a few considerations, making the judges task incredibly difficult. All were commended for their resilience and confidence in the face of a very daunting task.

The winners from each year group were

Year 3 winners Madeleine/Gideon

Year 2 winners Edward/Jamie

Year 1 winner Sami

Special achievement certificates for non-finalists were;

Connor/Yr6, Thomas/Yr6, Henrietta/6J, Oliver/3B, Poppy/3B, Arabella/2E, Angus/2E, Sancy/1CP, Sienna/3F, Matilda/4M and Charlie/4M