Languages at St Faith’s

Bonjour, Hola, Ciao …just a few of the varied greetings to be heard around the school this term. It is wonderful to hear the children and indeed class teachers embrace the joy of learning a new language.

From the Upper Nursery to Year Six, our lucky pupils still enjoy their regular French sessions but now with an additional chance to sample and practise more French or even a new language with their class teachers. Miss Johnson attends Spanish lessons herself and brings her inimitable enthusiasm to helping Year 6 master useful Spanish vocabulary in a fun, authentic way. Year Two also regularly greet us with Spanish numbers and confident pronunciation.

Our pupils understand that they are global citizens and are encouraged within many areas to learn about other cultures, places and communication. Year Three are looking at the geography of France, they are often amazed that other countries are not so far away or that Australia is not just next door! The school has invested in Language Angels, enabling all teachers to take advantage of either French, Italian or Spanish in a bright, inter-active imaginative way. Children love the numerous games or challenges that encourage participation and build confidence. Bon effort tout le monde !