Year 6 Step Into the Dragons’ Den

Every year, our current Year 6’s Enterprise Project is the unenviable task of stepping into The Dragons’ Den. This year was no exception, and after months of preparing and developing their business plans, seven businesses pitched their ideas.

Our two formidable dragons (aka Mrs Coombs and Mr Hay) arrived at the Den with £50 notes (totally real and not at all printed out from the internet), ready to invest. Each business had carefully put together a comprehensive business plan, looking at how much capital they needed, what their setup costs were, and how much profit they expected to make. They also looked at the product development and manufacturing process.

All the children were very knowledgeable and well prepared. Makes & Bakes, Hot Shakes, Face-a-Balls and Socks ‘n Sauces all presented strong pitches but sadly did not manage to secure investment. The St Faith’s Experience, The Stress-Relievers and Krazy Keyring Keepers each walked out of the den with a crisp £50 note, and the task of bringing their businesses to fruition.

Dragons’ Den provides a valuable opportunity for the children to learn about business, put their maths skills into commercial practice and to work as a team to develop their ideas. It also always throws up some really innovative business ideas! Watch this space to see the children bring their ideas to life…