Year 4 Residential Carroty Wood Day 2

Day 2

Well, well, well… what an outstanding evening of fun and frolics. Anyone would think all those activities would have tired the children out! Having gotten wind of a 10.30pm corridor meet up being planned it was pleasing to report the vast majority of children tucked up in bed at this time. Although a couple of sparrows stirred around 6 – it was not a bad start to the day. Back to last night.

When you left us our intrepid explorers where tucking in to a brimming bowl of spag, with an ice cream and chocolate brownie for afters, it was delicious! Our chef praised the children for their manners (which is always nice to hear). The children then took turns to help Mrs Fidock in the pot wash, drying and stacking away cups and cutlery. We run a tight ship here and work like a well-oiled machine. Once packed away we had our very own fashion show. The Mellin Bin Bag Spring Collection show could not have gone better. Teams were required to fashion items of clothing from one black bag and one white bag. Special mentions are need for Rosie’s black boots and Rafi’s bonnet – very stylish. We followed this with a massive game of Bananagrams, there’s always time for a bit of English on a residential! Then, as it got late, the finale. A late night swim in the Carroty heated pool. The children had a whale of a time letting off steam in the pool. There were races, jump offs, handball, handstands and water tag! Once showered we retired home for hot chocolate and a couple of chapters of Fantastic Mr Fox courtesy of Mrs Bonner! Bedtime was a fun affair with lots of excitement; the game of who could say goodnight to the most people was an enthralling one. The night came and went and now we’re awaiting Mr Groves arrival. The table tennis table set up in preparation. What happens if you win a Carroty Golden Ball? Only time will tell. In the meantime I think I coffee is in order… lots of coffee.

If you go down to the woods today you’re in for a great surprise – 27 Year 4’s travelling through the undergrowth looking for sticks to toast!

Breakfast time was the sensible hour of 7:30am, Mrs Mellin, Mrs Fidock and Mrs Bonner got it ready for the children whilst Mr Andrews patrolled the corridor. Tummies refuelled we set off for a morning walk in the woods! The children were delighted to find a ripe swing to play on. Our walk then got extremely exciting as we stumbled upon some dens. Next the children were challenged to find a stick ahead of the marshmallow cooking later. The children are currently taking part in their first instructor led activity of the day. 4M are Geocaching this morning whilst 4A are on Team Development Training. We have another Low Ropes session booked in between lunch and the afternoon session. Over and out…for now!

I’m writing this from the middle of the wood as my group are currently half-way through their Geocaching exercise. Having chosen the ‘experts’ level it is a lot more challenging than first expected. Luckily they’re rising to the high expectations.

The children loved the arrival of Mr Groves just before lunch.  Although undefeated at table-tennis, it is still early and any form of celebrations would only encourage the hunting pack. After a hearty lunch which saw George consume 4 sandwiches (that’s where the term Farmers Breakfast comes from then) we are looking forward to a little break at the end of these sessions. Stay tuned for our next instalment.


I believe it was Shakespeare who said “The Earth has music for those who listen.” Well we have certainly danced to natures beat today. We have just returned from our final excursion – Den Building! Each group showed good teamwork skills, which have been boosted thanks to our Team Work sessions. See the pics below for our amazing creations.

Earlier today I spoke of my trepidation for Mr Groves unbeaten Carroty table tennis streak and unfortunately after our afternoon session the vultures began to feast. In total 3 golden balls were prized away from his grasp. Congratulations Jude, Jamie and Mason for all defeating your headmaster! Our Den Building activity was really enjoyable. We had a super stroll through the woods and are all now ready for our supper. Before we eat we will be visiting the Tuck Shop, a treat for outstanding behaviour. Rest assured parents, no sweets will be consumed until after our supper. We then have a camp fire planned, weather permitting, and a movie night, complete with popcorn and hot chocolate. After all of this we will all be ready for next instalment of Fantastic Mr Fox and then… bed.