Year 1 create their first e-book

Year 1 have been turning the story of Little Red Riding Hood into e-books. It began  last term by each taking a page from the story, looking at the text and doing illustrations in Paint using a wide variety of tools and effects. Then we put them all together in PowerPoint to make one long illustrated book. This week, the very excited children started to plan and record the voice-over for their e-book, so that the words will run automatically with the slides. We had great fun trying the voices and (unfortunately for the surrounding area) Red Riding Hood’s screams! Using the microphones the children worked collaboratively and with great resilience to work super hard in what is new and challenging learning.  We will be using the next few weeks to embed this skill by reading and recording the whole story. I was so impressed with the way that they all combined their reading, drama and computing skills to begin producing what I am sure will be fantastic e-books!