World War Two Day

Year 5 have been learning about World War Two during their Humanities lessons, and what better way to learn than with an interactive, fully immersive day?

Dressed in their 1940s’ clothes, the children spent the day learning about what school life was like during the war. They built their own gas masks, ate traditional rations (hello SPAM!), worked as a team to put our incendiary devices and dug for victory in our Nature Garden.

The highlight of the day was a visit from Norman from The Home Front Bus, who led the children through gas mask drills and enthralled them with his stories of WW2 Britain.

In their Friday assembly the children recounted all that they had learnt, transporting us back to the Blitz, demonstrating how to wear a gas mask and speaking confidently and articulately about Winston Churchill and life during the war.

Bringing history to life is a wonderful way for children to really engage and understand, although Spam is unlikely to be added to the school lunch menu anytime soon!