What does the village of Ash have to offer?

So! what does the village of Ash have to offer? Year 2 have been carrying out an investigation as to what they like and dislike about the village. Using the media of Google Earth, they took a virtual tour of the village which included looking at the features of Ash and where some of the pupils in Year 2 live. Thankfully, they came to the conclusion that they liked Ash because St Faith’s is here.

They talked about the yummy food that they had experienced at Number 37 and at Juliet’s, particularly mentioning the ice-cream which some of them had back in the summer when Number 37 opened! Lots of them told us about how they used the shops in Ash, and they also mentioned St Nicholas church where they led services at Harvest time, Christmas and Easter. One of their favourite places is Ash recreation ground because there is a lot of space to play there.

When asked about what they didn’t like they all came up with the same complaints. Year 2 do not like the dogs mess that they sometimes see on the pavement and they don’t like it when drivers go too fast down the high street. I am sure that Ash village council would agree with them, don’t you?