Un voyage de découverte et d’inspiration en français

Our ever enthusiastic Reception children have been enjoying learning new songs and rhymes with the help of their puppet friends, Leo et Lulu ! With these characters we have danced and repeated phrases saying that we like playing, dancing with our friends. They are also getting used to hearing simple, repetitive stories linked to numbers, animals and also how seeds magically grow into big plants.

Year 1 have now been allocated their first Jolie Ronde workbook, full of Minou and Trottine’s adventures with their friends who are Toy characters. They can ask each other’s names and sing lively rhymes about knocking on doors and shopping at the market for fruit and vegetables! We have even talked about the Euro…which is rather controversial at the moment!

Year 2 have been continuing and reinforcing vocabulary with more tales from Book 1, particularly what to pick from a table full of party foods and how to ask for more! Perhaps they should audition for ‘Oliver’? As the weather changes our topic has changed to a hungry snowman who is not happy when offered some hot soup and working out how best to beat his hunger!  La glace peut-etre?

It’s going to be an exciting year filled with inspiration, opportunity and discovery. Watch this space and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for regular news updates and photos.