Topical Tuesday

Whether online or live our Tuesday morning assemblies support and challenge our children to achieve and question our world and this morning’s assembly did just that.

Mrs Coombs led an assembly highlighting the changing role of the modern soldier. Pupils identified the vital testing stations needed in Dover over the Christmas period, which were manned by soldiers, with the picture prompt shared. The testing facility enabled some travellers to return to Europe to spend Christmas with their families.

The school was joined by Second Lieutenant Callum Haywood, who spoke about the many jobs soldiers now undertake as part of their role. He explained that soldiers were currently involved in COVID testing, building emergency hospitals, ambulance driving, flood defence, monitoring the internet to protect our online influences. These are all in addition to the regular activities we expect of our armed services, for example International peace keeping and offering humanitarian aid. Second Lieutenant Haywood also reminded us that many army personnel are having to work remotely, on computers, as we are at the moment to keep as safe as possible and avoid COVID 19.

Callum took open questions ranging from “when did you first want to be in the army?” to “what is it like being in the army?”

As always it is great to come together as a community and share current affairs information.

In addition to the assembly there are a range of activities in the assembly assignment, posted in every Year group Team, that can be undertaken by the children at home or in school.