Times Tables Rock Stars

Mohawks, fake tattoos, bright coloured hair and loud rock music is how every Friday should start! A fantastic effort from the whole school as we embrace Rock Star day to launch our new times table scheme for Years 2 – 6. Times Tables Rock Stars, which is an online programme, allows each child to work on an individually tailored times tables curriculum both in school and at home. As we strive to enhance the use of technology in the children’s education, Times Tables Rock Stars may be used by the class teachers in class, for homework or it can be used by the children at home to continually develop their tables understanding, accuracy and speed. This is an exciting time as we really focus on developing the children’s times tables knowledge, which is one of the fundamental skills applied in all of their Maths lessons.

A huge thank you to all of the staff, children and parents for all of their efforts creating such a wide range of amazing outfits. With the children now set up and ready to use the app, it is time to see who can become a Rock Hero!

Rock on!

Mr Mackenzie