Three candidates and a very current affairs assembly

“But what if you are already really happy with how the school is being run? Do I have to vote for these changes”. Daniel, Year 4.

This morning’s Current Affairs assembly felt like an electric current had been put through the students such was the excitement and participant involvement. Three students, Aryan, George and Abi became election candidates and campaigned for their respective parties, ‘Sustainability Party’, ‘Change at St Faith’s Party’ and ‘The Good Party’. After whipping the hall into a frenzy with a ‘meet and greet session’  the upper school entered the hall, and the party leaders went onto deliver the key information from their manifestos. The audience then questioned each candidate about their electoral promises. It proved to be a lively and exhilarating debate. Our host, Mr Groves, performed the role of chair with aplomb – always quipping quotes to the audience about promises and encouraging them to state, where, and how they were going to fulfil their pledges.

In the end, the Upper School decided to elect ‘The Sustainability Party’ to power. Whilst, many were happy with this democratic outcome, some Change St Faith’s supporters remained upset about the pledge of a pet pig, double playtime and the abolition of Maths (stop reading now Mr MacKenzie and Mrs Gibbs). The children finally left the room with smiles on their faces and a better understanding of what many adults will be going through next Thursday when the nation, yet again, heads to the polls.