The Maths revolution has begun!

Starting this September, the way in which Maths is being taught at St Faith’s has changed. Pupils from Reception to Year 6 are now being taught in skill-based blocks. This new curriculum allows children the opportunity to delve into and explore the main concepts of Maths such as place value, the four operations and fractions, with more time being spent building their confidence and understanding. Through the use of hands-on resources and manipulatives, peer group collaboration and targeted questioning, children are being challenged to prove and explain their understanding, with each year group starting with the building block of number: place value. The days of just completing rows of sums are now long behind as children are being stretched with reasoning and problem solving questions, where they have to prove, deduce and justify, all matched to their ability.

This is an exciting time for Maths here at St Faith’s, with an interactive times table app also in the pipeline.  The children seem ready and eager to face the challenges ahead of them.