The key to success in Maths

The key to success in Maths is having a secure understanding of Number, Place Value and the four main operations.

For that reason, Maths at St Faith’s is taught in Mastery style blocks, which allows pupils the opportunity to really delve into each topic, with the small steps being made in each lesson resulting in big leaps forward in understanding, progression and confidence. Through the use of physical manipulatives and practical investigations, children at St Faith’s are given the opportunity to deepen and embed their understanding, before applying their knowledge to a range of different contexts and problems, demonstrating their fantastic ‘I can and I will’ attitude.

Year 5 have worked tirelessly since September, using a range of resources and manipulatives, to really develop their understanding of addition and subtraction. The children have been amazing, working alongside their peers to show, explain and reason with each method, and have made excellent progress as a result. They have been continually challenged through the wide range of problem solving and reasoning resources, and have even had their first experiences of a Mr Mackenzie Mastery Sheet!

Watch this space as we have some seriously impressive Mathematicians developing their skills in our school!